KIMEP exams

Казахский университет КИМЕП проводит вступительные экзамены в Хороге.
26 апреля (суббота) – День Открытых Дверей с 14.00 до 18.00
27 апреля (воскресенье) – Тестирование на определение уровня английского языка (KEPT) с 10.00 до 14.00
Последний день регистрации 24 Апреля, Лицей Ага Хана
Место проведения: г.Хорог, Лицей Ага Хана, ул.Мирзонаботова 12
Documents required for application to Undergraduate programs:

  • A completed application form for admission to KIMEP (complete online here: – admission and aid – undergraduate program– online application)

  • Four recent passport-sized photos (3х4) – colored or black-and-white;

  • A photocopy of the passport or national ID card (original passport/ID shall be presented during application process to verify an individual);

  • A photocopy of the transcript or table of grades from schools for 10-11 grades for graduating/final year students, certified by the school;

  • An official confirmation (spravka) from the school, evidencing that the applicant is the student of the graduating class of high-school;

  • For the graduates of previous years – a photocopy of the Certificate of completion of Secondary Education (Diploma/Attestat) with the appendix;

  • Copies of any certificates, honors, or awards in the field of study of the applicant and all other certificates, honors or awards (in languages, in sport, etc.) for the last 3 years;

  • Diplomas of all republican and international Olympiads and scientific competitions in any subject, and also the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas for the last 3 years (if available);

  • Application essay

• All copies of documents shall be notarized and translated into one of the following languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.
• Copies of valid scores of international tests TOEFL/EILTS, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE (if any available)
Documents required for application to Graduate programs:
If you completed your high school or undergraduate studies in a country outside Kazakhstan, all documents not in English should be translated into English and notarized.
1. A completed Graduate Application Form. Please note: if you are applying to the
• Master of International Law (LLM) please download and complete a different form here;
2. Four recent passport-sized photos (3×4) – color or black-and-white;
3. A copy of your passport or national ID card;
4. A notarized copy of your diploma(s), or an official letter from your university certifying that you are a graduating/final year student;
5. Notarized copies of all your transcripts for graduating/final year students certified by your university;
6. A resume in English, covering academic achievements and work experience;
7. Any certificates or awards in the field of study that is being applied for, and any other certificates or awards (in English language, in sport, etc);
8. Two letters of recommendation from your university or work (not required for MBA program);
9. An essay, as follows:
• For applicants to the MPA program: “Why did I choose the MPA program at KIMEP? What are my goals and how will the MPA program help me to achieve them?” (2-3 pages);
• For applicants to the MIR program: the theme should be devoted to their interest in a KIMEP education;
• For applicants to the MAIJ program: it is preferable but not obligatory to submit three pieces of work: a published article and audio and video materials;
• For applicants to the MA in TESOL program: a free biographical essay: “Why did I choose the MA in TESOL program? My goals and how the MA in TESOL program will help me to achieve them.” (2-3 pages);
• No essay is required for applicants to the MAE and MBA programs.
10. Any other documents you consider to be of relevance to your application may be submitted to the Admission Office at your discretion.
Расписание вступительных экзаменов КИМЭП
Assem Beisembinova, MBA
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Kazakhstan, 4, Abai Ave., Almaty, 050010
Tel: +7 727 2704320, 2704334 (ext.3156)
Follow KIMEP on:

Graduate Application Form_2014-15_NEW.doc
Motivational Essay_InternStudents.doc
Regular — Eng.doc
Regular- RUS.doc


Миссия организации – содействие развитию общества путем повышения информированности, а также снижению уровня бедности среди населения Республики Таджикистан и устойчивого развития потенциала нации (молодёжи) на национальном и региональном уровнях. Организация основана 16 октября 2009 года.

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