Media scholarships — call for application

Media scholarships — call for application

Dear Colleagues,

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is offering 10 media scholarships to eligible journalists to attend the International Harm Reduction Conference 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania between 09-12 June.

The scholarships are part of a campaign by the HCLU to encourage quality news reporting on key issues around drug policy and harm reduction. To make sure our call reaches as many possible candidates as possible we kindly ask you to promote our call trough all your communication channels.

Please find all details for the application here:

More about the event International Harm Reduction Conference 2013:

The scholarship will be granted to 10 journalists from eligible reporters who would like to attend and cover the upcoming Conference in Vilnius. The deadline for the application is 12:00 CET, 06 May 2013.

Feel free to get back to me with any related questions!

Best regards,

György Folk

Communication officer

Társaság a Szabadságjogokért

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
Drugreporter News
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