Professional development opportunity for nonprofit leaders

Atlas Corps develops leaders, strengthens organizations, and promotes innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals. We seek out the world’s best nonprofit leaders and send them to organizations in the U.S. and in Latin America for a year of service and training. We have supported 155 leaders from 49 different countries and placed them at some of the best organizations in the world, including the Ashoka, CARE, the Grameen Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Oxfam, Susan G. Komen, the UN Foundation, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, and the U.S. Peace Corps. In addition to serving full time at these organization, we enroll them in a leadership development program and network them with talented peers from around the world.

We are seeking outstanding candidates for our 13th class of Fellows, and I wanted to get you involved in our organization as we launch a campaign to grow to 100 Fellows a year and build the first-ever, truly multilateral exchange of nonprofit professionals — a global community of leaders working together on major social issues.

Would you be willing to nominate candidates for the program? Our application is open now and here is info you can share with others in English and in Spanish:

Seeking the world’s best rising nonprofit leaders to apply for prestigious @atlascorps fellowship

Apliquen para un intercambio profesional pagado con Atlas Corps en Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica!

Do you know organizations in the U.S., Colombia, Mexico or Brazil that would be interested in receiving these leaders? Interested parties should review our partner brochure at:

Are you willing to learn more and stay engaged? I’d love to add you or someone on your team to our quarterly newsletter. You have not been added to our newsletter yet, but it would be great to get your feedback on our work and have you engaged in our program.

Thank you for your consideration of Atlas Corps and for all the work you do to promote peace in the world. I hope we can work together in the years ahead!

Scott Beale
Founder & CEO
Atlas Corps

Website: and our Facebook page to learn more!servlet.ImageServer?oid=00D70000000869P&esid=0187000000MLQA1

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